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Haworth Conversations

Welcome to a page we're calling "Haworth Conversations" -- video oral histories with people who've lived in Haworth or worked in Haworth who have a story to tell. We'll be adding more Haworth Conversations from time to time. Hope you'll stop in and listen.    

Stacey Glick
Child Actress Turned Literary Agent

Vito Nasta
Longtime Music Teacher, Haworth School

Ann and Dexter Bennett

Mary Lou Boyd

Haworth Borough Historian

Diane and David Biesel
Publishers, St. Johann's Press

Kathryn Johnston

Astronomer, Columbia University

James Gelsey

Author, "Scooby-Doo Mysteries"

Florence Poris

Longtime Haworth School Librarian

Margaret and Bob Cooper
Eyewitnesses to History

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