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Programs &  Resources

The Children's Room was added as part of the library's expansion and renovation in 2015, and adults and kids alike have told us flat-out--- they love it!  It's a place to come for story time, and special programs-- it's also a good place to just snuggle up with a favorite grownup and read a book on a rainy day.  

We have tons of picture books, books for early readers, young readers, kids' audiobooks, cds, a computer with kid-friendly games, a drawing table if the mood strikes, children's books in Spanish and Korean.  We've also added story kits, a Nintendo Switch and 4 small instruments for you to borrow. 

Suggested Reading Lists

Upcoming Events 

Baby Stortyime Sept 2023.png
Toddler Tuesday Sept 2023 (9 x 4.5 in).png
“A Leaf Can Be” (9 x 4.5 in).png
Scarecrow Magic (9 x 4.5 in).png
Fall Bingo (9 x 4.5 in).png

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